• Imran Nuri

What Happens if Your 35mm Film Goes Through TSA's New CT Scanners?

I purposely sent a roll through one of TSA's newer CT scanners and shot that roll side-by-side with an unaltered roll to see the difference!

TLDR: Your film will be minimally affected by one scan in a TSA CT scanner if you shoot on the roll after it has been CT scanned.

However, if you've already taken your photos and haven't had the roll developed yet, the scanner will make your photos grainer with noticeable loss of details in the shadows. My guess is that this effect compounds with more CT scans.

Check out these examples where the unaltered roll shot is on the left, and the CT-scanned roll is on the right:

With the church and bike wheel photos, the difference is negligible if at all noticeable. The difference is more noticeable when you see the photo of my friend Zawwar in his black shirt. The CT scanned photo is clearly grainier with less detail than the unaltered roll.

Watch the YouTube video above to see a few more examples and to see an example of what it looks like when your film roll goes through a TSA CT scanner after shooting your photos but before getting them developed.

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