• Imran Nuri

How to Scan 4x5 Film on an Epson Perfection V600

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Using my Cricut cutter, I was able to get a perfect cutout on a piece of cardstock to scan my 4x5 film on an Epson V600.

After figuring out the correct measurements for the paper and cutout, it was pretty easy to design something in Photoshop for the Cricut cutter to work with. The cutout in the paper is the perfect size to include the entirety of a 4x5 image while still being able to tape the film sheet onto the holder. The cutout is 95mm x 120mm.

You can see below for the exact dimensions if you want to take a shot at making the holder yourself, or I've made it easy for you to get two holders for just $10 on my Etsy store.

Click here to get two holders for $10 on Etsy

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