About Imran Nuri

Imran Nuri is a fine-art photographer based in Chicago, creating work that explores grief as well as life advice from strangers. He is best known for his portrait series of life advice from 1,000 strangers which he gathered on a 12-week road trip to the lower 48 US states in 2022.


His background in realism oil painting and staged photography combine with a vivid imagination to depict ideas that open the door for challenging conversations.


In the realm of painting, he draws inspiration from Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Vermeer, Velasquez, Joseph Wright of Derby, Carl Dobsky, and other masters of light.

In the realm of photography, he draws inspiration from Dorothea Lange, Gregory Crewdson, Joel Sternfeld, Erwin Olaf, Andreas Gursky, and Nicky Hamilton.

Photo of Imran Nuri